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scenario-based assessment

Cyber Security Check

Which information about your company can be found freely on the Internet?
What security risk does this public information have?

Scope of the pentest

During this assessment, our ethical hackers evaluate public resources regarding sensitive information about your company.
The assessment is typically conducted remotely.

Exemplary test objects:

Password Leaks

We query public password databases for entries associated with your employees.

Search engines

We use queries with advanced syntactic filtering to identify information about you.

Shodan analyses and scans the entire Internet periodically. Here we try to look up information about your external IT assets.

Web Caches

"The Internet never forgets" - We query cache databases to obtain information from archived versions of your webpages.

In 2020 more than 3900 data leaks were disclosed. ¹


93% of all employees share excessive details in social networks. This also leads to security risks for companies. ²

Cyber Security Check

Our approach

This scenario-based assessment includes a passive reconnaissance check of your organization from the perspective of an external attacker. We simulate an adversary with access to openly available sources on the Internet. As much information as possible is gathered about your organization.

For our test only publicly available ressources and passive data aquisition is used. Your IT infrastructure and company data will not be enumerated actively (no port scans, social engineering or similar methods).

This simulation gives you an overview about openly accessible information regarding your organization, which might be used as a platform for actual attacks.

After our assessment you will receive an Excel report with all identified information, as well as a presentation from our team.

Passive Reconaissance

We recommend performing this assessment in combination with an active test (e.g., a penetration test of your public IT-infrastructure). This way we can exploit previously gathered vulnerabilities and recommend effective measures for risk prevention. Our online configurator thus allows you to book our Cyber Security Check as an optional add-on for penetration tests. Of course you can order the assessment individually as well. In case of questions, we gladly help.

Standards und Qualifikationen

Wir berücksichtigen bei unseren Pentests alle internationalen und anerkannten Standards.

Unsere Penetrationstester sind hochqualifiziert und besitzen eine Vielzahl anerkannter Hacking-Zertifikate.