Framework agreements

Transparent and clear agreements help all parties to focus on the essential: qualitiative pentetration tests and assessments.

For a long-term partnership

We want to establish a long-term cooperation with our clients and partners. A framework agreement is a way to simplify processes and make them transparent for all parties. We offer specific framework agreements for the following customer segments:


You want to offer qualitative pentests with attractive pricing?

Central buying

You are purchasing for a group and want to simplify aquisition?


You are system house and want to offer your clients pentest and assessments?

Framework agreements

Our approach

We offer individual framework agreements for certain customer segments. These are always defined with our customers and adapted to their special needs.

This includes requirements for processes and standards. It is possible to define completly individual pentests. Of course we consider the higher volume of services during the agreement of financial frame parameters.

All individual agreements can be included in our configurator, if required. The configurator can be provided as a personalized instance andadapted to your corporal identity.

This way your members, employees or clients have an easy and effective way of tasking pentests including individual prices and testing formats. .


Frame agreements allow to specify individual requirements and pricings. We warrant that these agreements are incorporated in the individual orders. Furthermore, we offer reporting regarding amount and scope of the respective orders for central entities (Associations, Central Buying, Company Groups, etc.).

Standards and qualifications

We follow recognized international standards for our pentest procedure.

Our penetration testers are highly qualified and certified with several recognized hacking certificates.