Quality Assurance

The quality of our services is of utmost importance. To guarantee a constant quality level, we use a standardized review process.

Our Quality Assurance Process

To assess and document all identified vulnerabilities in the best way possible, we use the following process for quality assurance. An extensive exchange of our experts makes sure that we reflect risks adequately and differentiated.

Report Creation

  • During our testing phase, we discuss individual vulnerabilities in our team to gain insights from multiple perspectives. This allows us to assess the risk optimally.
  • During this process, we also use our data protection and secure software development experts.
  • With this support, the penetration tester creates a draft version of the final report.

Peer Review

  • After the draft is ready, a second tester reviews the document.
  • Besides substantial correctness, the formatting and grammatical quality of the document is reviewed.
  • If required, the reviewer discusses remarks in a separate meeting, together with the responsible tester.

Final Approval

  • Ultimately, the author of the report processes all corrections.
  • Thereafter, the document is converted into PDF format and prepared for client delivery.
  • Before uploading the PDF document to our encrypted file sharing platform, the tester verifies the document a final time.