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vaulticx – Transfer data easily. But secure!

6. July 2024

Secure communication on the Internet doesn’t have to be complicated. The vaulticx platform from our sister company, tacticx Development GmbH, combines ease of use and maximum security in a single solution. After over a year of development, we are proud to announce the release of the platform. Start your 14-day test phase now.

Security when communicating with different people or organizations is a challenge. Personal data, trade and business secrets or specially protected data in accordance with Art. 9 GDPR may not be transmitted unencrypted by email. Encryption methods such as S/MIME or PGP are secure, but unfortunately also complex to set up. Keys have to be replaced and updated at some point. Added to this is the lack of traceability. It is not possible to trace or prove whether a person has received and opened an e-mail.

vaulticx solves these problems. vaulticx was developed to enable simple but secure communications. Communication as simple as by e-mail, but secure. The platform is based on the latest standards.

End to end encryption

All files that are exchanged via vaulticx are end-to-end encrypted. The latest state-of-the-art encryption standards are used. This special form of encryption ensures that nobody can look into your communication, not even the colleagues who operate the platform. Even if unauthorized third parties were to gain access to the entire database on the server, the content is still protected.

Zero-knowledge architecture

vaulticx was developed in such a way that tacticx Development GmbH, as the operator of the software, has access to as little information as possible. You retain data sovereignty at all times.

Hosted in Germany

vaulticx was designed from the outset as a secure and data protection-compliant solution. This also includes the operation of the data center. The servers are operated in IONOS’ ISO 27001-certified data center.

ISO 27001 certified

tacticx Development GmbH and the entire tacticx group of companies are ISO 27001 certified. This applies to the development, operation and support processes.

Of course, the vaulticx platform was not only designed to be secure, but several penetration tests were also carried out during the development phase. We accompanied the development with security analyses and penetration tests.

Thanks to the platform’s special architecture and operation by a trustworthy partner in Germany, vaulticx can be used for almost all types of data. Whether you want to transmit personal data, health data, data in accordance with Art. 9 GDPR or trade and business secrets, vaulticx secures the communication.

Since IONOS has a C5 certificate and the vaulticx platform is operated entirely in the IONOS data centers, even the transmission of social data is permitted, even in accordance with the new § 393 SGB V.

Start your 14-day test phase today to convince yourself of the performance of the vaulticx platform. The test phase is free and non-binding and you do not have to provide any payment details. If you would like more background information on the security functions, you can simply book a demo appointment with your colleagues at tacticx Development GmbH.